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Tequio is a collective on a mission - to champion México's storied tradition and produce an authentic tequila cocktail of unparalleled quality and taste.

Deeply passionate about tequila, we partnered with Guillermo 'Willy' Bañuelos, a third generation tequilero at Tequilas El Mexicano®, to create the ultimate tequila cocktail sipping experience. Inspired by the spirit and the people of México, we made treasure of the process by employing 'Tequio' as the namesake and philosophy behind the brand. Each small batch of El Mexicano® Blanco and El Mexicano® Reposado gives Tequio its unique taste. Sparkling with brilliantly refreshing tiny bubbles, Tequio is a tequila-forward cocktail unlike any other. Committed to preserving and celebrating México's noble spirit, Tequio blends age old tradition with modern sensibility to add a note of pure joy to the palate.

Our pursuit of excellence and innovation extends beyond the consumer value of Tequio's products. True to the Aztec spirit we've adopted, our intention is to support the people and places at the heart of this iconic tradition and in time, extend our reach across cultures.


El Mexicano Tequila Distillery in Jaliscos, Arandas Mexico.

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