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drawing its name from the aztec term for 'collective work', tequio treasures the beauty of working together.

crafted with el mexicano® tequilas, this collaboration is a testament to using the finest additive-free tequilas los altos de jalisco has to offer.

tequio is a perfectly balanced blend of exceptionally smooth 100% agave tequila, sparkling water, and the most subtle hint of lime.

it is a distinct sipping experience.

tequio invites you to rediscover méxico's most remarkable spirit.

Two four packs and two 12 oz slim cans of tequio sparkling tequila blanco and Reposado with Yellow back drop and modern blue and green aztec pattern.

Tequio Tequila Cocktails


Tequio is an ultra-premium tequila cocktail made with 100% agave tequila, in blanco and reposado, sparkling water and a hint of lime. Blending authentic Mexican heritage with American ingenuity in the first canned cocktail to use additive-free tequilas, Tequio is a cocktail of unparalleled quality and craft.



Deeply passionate about tequila, we partnered with Guillermo 'Willy' Bañuelos, a third generation tequilero at Tequilas El Mexicano®, to create the ultimate tequila cocktail sipping experience.

Stone Eagle Statue in courtyard of tequila distillery with agave plants and red building backdrop.
Five Tequila Distillery Alambique stills artisanal process in jalisco

our pursuit
of excellence

Tequio Tequila Cocktails are proudly crafted in Arandas, Jalisco. With the goal of preserving the noble artisanal process of the Los Altos region, Tequio looks to share the passion for the spirit and the process by bringing people together to enjoy simply excellent tequila.


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