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Tequio is proud to bring the same attention to detail that it takes to make excellent tequila to the crafting of our canned cocktails. Under the close supervision of Master Distiller Léon Bañuelos, the tequila in each Tequio canned cocktail has been meticulously formulated to bring you the smoothest sipping experience available.

Jimador with coa chopping agave Pena in agave field. With harvested agave. Mexican Classic Jimador wearing pink shirt and cowboy hat working in agave fields.

Los Altos Region

The selection of agave is taken very seriously and only the plants at their final stages of maturity are chosen, between 6 and 8 years in age. The red volcanic soil in Los Altos de Jalisco is known for its minerality, and the cooler climate causes the agave to mature slowly, producing a higher sugar yield than Lowlands agave. The result is a fruity, delicate tequila with a light floral aroma.


After the agaves have been selected, the piñas, or heart of the agave plant, are cut in half and loaded into handmade stainless steel autoclaves to achieve a uniform cooking. The even caramelization of the agave is vital to obtaining a great flavor.

Autoclave in craft tequila distillery made for cooking agave.
Tequila distillery machinery assembly line with gears and belts with tanks and agave juice.


Once cooked, the agave is moved to a 5-step mill where the piña halves are carefully shredded as to note damage the fibers themselves. The fibers are then delicately squeezed to obtain the sugar from the cooked agave.


The juice is then poured into handmade stainless steel fermentation tubs, here it takes on the name 'mosto'. The mosto will rest in complete calm in an environment that is specific to El Mexicano's geological location. The mosto will serve as food for the yeast that creates the alchemy necessary to convert the agave's juice into the ancient drink we call tequila.

Fermentation tanks in tequila distillery in craft factory warehouse
Five hand made alambique tequila distillery process.


The 'Mosto Muerto', or dead mosto, is now loaded into the handmade stainless steel alambique stills, where in small quantities it will be double-distilled under the close supervision of Master Distiller Léon Bañuelos.


To make the reposado tequila that is used in our Sparkling Reposado, the blanco tequila will be poured into American and French Oak barrels for a minimum of two months. The barrels are completely new and toasted with the requested characteristics of the Master Distiller to ensure the results will provide the aromas and softness of the El Mexicano® Tequila Reposado.

French American white oak barrels for aging reposado tequila.
Sparkling water liquid with small medium and large air bubbles


After the tequila blanco and the tequila reposado are made, the ingredients are brought together in the culmination of the manufacturing process. The tequila, sparkling water, and hint of lime are all combined and canned to bring you the sipping cocktail we're proud to share.

Side profile of stone bald eagle statue with red background


Deeply passionate about tequila, we partnered with Guillermo 'Willy' Bañuelos, a third generation Tequilero at Tequilas El Mexicano®, to create the ultimate tequila cocktail sipping experience.


Modern sand stone and red gritty sand stone half and half background with two cans with sparkling blanco and sparkling reposado tequio.


Blending Authentic Mexican heritage with American ingenuity in the first canned cocktail to use additive-free tequilas, Tequio is a cocktail of unparalleled quality and craft.


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